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MARRIAGE MONDAY: To Date or Not to Date?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

To Date of course! But when was the last time you actually planned and had a date? When we are newly in love, it definitely comes easier to want to spend time with each other and go on dates. However, with the years passing by, many couples find themselves being at the middle or bottom of each other's priority lists, coming in after parenting, careers, school and other obligations. As long-term partners, being intentional about date night and spending time with each other is essential. It cannot be put in the same basket as mundane tasks like doing housework or sitting to pay the bills. The keyword here is INTENTIONALITY. Why is this important?

  • It maintains the intimacy and spark between you and your partner.

  • It gives you the change to get to know each other deeply.

  • It is a way to invest in your marriage

  • It tells your partner they are a priority to you.

  • You just might have the best sex of your life after date night because you'll be happier.


When we talk Date Night, the first thing that comes to mind may be going to a restaurant and perhaps a movie after. You may not find that exciting anymore because that has been the go-to for many years. Looking for ideas to spice things up? Here are a few not-so-boring Date Night ideas for you and your babe:

  • Have a virtual Date Night (especially for long-distance partners) where you sign up for an activity together like a cooking or paint class.

  • Do a physical activity together. Dance or workout classes can be fun.

  • Visit your local farmer's market, especially with the weather getting nicer.

  • Host a game night for two. You can find a board game idea over here!

  • Create a bucket list of things you've always wanted to try and pick a day to do one of them.

  • Have an in-home picnic, complete with picnic baskets and all the fixin's you can think about.

  • Play hide-and-seek, adult style, where every time you're found, you can take an item of clothing off. Clothing optional, of course.

  • Read a romantic novel to each other. Acting out the scenes? Even better!

  • Check out a new neighborhood on a walk or drive-through.

  • Go on a dinner cruise. If you've got a body of water near you, Groupon very likely has a deal for you.

We don't want to wait for things to get bad in our relationships before we prioritize each other. After all, we don't wait for an actual fire before having a fire drill. Try out one of these ideas and be sure to let me know how it goes!

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