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Why should I go to therapy?

Why should you spend your hard-earned cash to go sit in someone’s office to “just to talk?” Well I’ll tell you why! Because you need somewhere to vent about the aunties telling your parents what you’re up to in these streets! Yes, I know you can talk to your pastor for free. Yes, you can call you le cousin and they’ll listen to you can give you free advice. But no one does it like a therapist can. There are many reasons to make that appointment like:

  • You need a safe place to process the difficult things that have happened in your life

  • You need someone to validate your feelings about your parents and how they raised you

  • You need someone to tell you you’re not “soft” for showing emotions

  • You need someone to help you practice how to say “No” to the offensive family jokes

  • You need someone to validate your decision not to go home for a while

  • You need to understand yourself better

  • You need some support with life’s transitions.

These are just a few examples of things that bring people to therapy. Maybe what is going on with you is not on this list. There’s nothing off limits. Come take a seat with Phebe and let’s figure it out together.

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