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Always check your Mental Health benefits with your Insurance Company prior to your initial session

Client 5

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Regence and Premera

Client 6

Kaiser Permanente

Core, Summit & Elect PPO, Boeing HMO, Microsoft

Client 4

First Choice

Insurance and EAP

Client 1

United Healthcare


Client 3


Formerly known as "Cigna"

Client 5

Coordinated Care

WA state

Client 6


WA state

I am also paneled with a number of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) including:

  • Lyra Health

  • Wellspring EAP

  • First Choice EAP

Note about EAP: Some employers offer a number of free sessions to their employees through EAP companies. Check with your employer for these details and you could get sessions at no cost to you.

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