I want to go to therapy. Where do I start? Part 1

We’ve seen some of our TV faves go to therapy. Molly from Insecure called up her therapist when things got rough in Mexico in Season 4. Randall from This Is Us had a few sessions after Beth convinced him it was time to talk to someone about his anxiety in Season 4. Maybe you want a personal person like that in your corner. Perhaps one of your New Year’s resolutions is to go to therapy but you have no clue where to start. 2020 isn’t quite cancelled even though it’s been quite the year. There’s still time to get the help you desire. There are several ways to access a therapist. Let’s start here.

Check with your Health Insurance

If you have health insurance, you can start by looking up your BEHAVIORAL HEALTH BENEFITS. Insurance companies typically have an online roster of therapists in your area who accept your insurance. You can always call your insurance company for this information as well. Ask about your deductible and/or your co-pay. Your sessions might actually be fully covered.

Check with your Employer

If you’re employed, your employer might have EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM BENEFITS which give you a number of therapy sessions for free every year. Not sure about that? Ask your HR personnel and they can help you access this free benefit. They typically have a list of therapists they’re contracted with that you can select from. Also, this service is confidential so nothing will go back to your employer without your permission. Talk with your therapist if this is a concern of yours

Check out the next post for more info about accessing a therapist!

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